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September 16, 2012
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Dec 5, 2012, 12:55:42 PM
HPM:: Application Lea Seneal by kitzune-griffith HPM:: Application Lea Seneal by kitzune-griffith
my application for :iconharvest-pokemoon: Lea didn't make into the second opening hoping she'll make it in for the next one. got a ton of people just itching to play with her.

Leana Seneal ( Lea )



Sneasel :iconsneaselplz:


Skinny-Curvey (mix of the two)

January 6

Home Island:
Amusement Archipelago


Lea has a childish feel about her, she is easily distracted and has a mind or her own. She is curious, liking to learn new things never giving up a chance to have an adventure.  She may seem like a ditz at first glance but once someone gets to know her they see that her innocent exterior is actually willful and driven to accomplish more then what she has. Besides all this Lea is a caring person and likes to help anyone in need, she may be late to help but she will be pleased knowing that she tried.

-Mother - Weavile
Lea's mother is a Doctor M.D. in the towns main hospital, she works most all the time there. She has high hopes for her daughter to make a career in the same field as herself or something even better. She pushes Lea to do better then she really can and hates that Lea would rather spend time at the docks with her father doing hard labor and fighting like a boy. She is rather rash and harsh when talking which drives Lea to do things on impulse.
- Father - Feraligatr
Her father is the harbor owner of the docks in the town. He controls what comes in and goes out of the docks. This is where Lea sees all the animals and products that come in and out of town. Leas' mother is actually his second wife after Larences' mother died. He is charismatic and carefree giving his children the freedom to develop into what they want to be. Even though he gives Lea and Larence this freedom he does expect them to choose wisely in their decisions. He likes to work hard for everything that he owns teaching his kids to do the same.
- Larence - Larvitar
Lea's half brother was shy and withdrawn making him a prime target for teasing by bullies. He doesn't assert himself enough as Lea does, seeming to be sickly in some ways. This wimpy exterior causes Lea to want to defend him, mainly since she looks up to her elder sibling.

-pre school and elementary
Lea was just like most children starting out in school, a bit shy but making friends with everyone she met. She was active and out spoken making sure her opinion was heard, she also was a bit temperamental when someone was being mean taking a stand and protecting the victim. She would get in trouble for the way she would protect the person from another class mate giving her a bad front with the teachers. Getting past her defending ways she was a good enough student, passing her grades with high C's and B's.

- middle school
Once Lea started middle school she developed a vigorous sibling rivalry with her elder brother. From this rivalry developing Lea pushed herself more and more to impress her parents always trying to out do Larence. This was also the year Elliena was born making the family even larger.

-high school
The first year in high school for Lea was the last one that she would have in the private school. Her brother was being bullied even though he had grown into a young man, but this time it had been different from the other times. Lea had stepped in to help her brother out of his predicament. After this incident Larence wasnt bullied ever again but Lea didnt want to deal with anymore of it so she asked her parents if she could go elsewhere. Her parents sent Lea to live with her Aunt ( Eevee ) and Uncle ( Mightyena ) in a farmland area out side of town. This is where she meet her cousin Mari ( Eevee) , they soon became close friends. They did everything together, School, chores, everything. It wasn't long for Lea to see that what she had been doing all along was the wrong way to do things. Lea decided to change her way of acting becoming more civil when confronting others and also open to new things. She finished school with average grades not feeling pressured from her mother to get straight A's. She decided to move back to her home in the city not really wanting to leave her Uncles ranch. She was going to miss her best friend and all the animals that she had taken care of on the farm.

-Finding Raccolto
Lea had arrived home to her little sister being grown enough to run around and be a child. Larence was now a grown man working at the docks with their father lifting and carrying things onto and off ships. Lea's mother, a little disappointed in her daughters grades but still stuck on her going into the medical field. Lea decided to do as her brother did and work at the docks with their father. This is how she heard of a group of islands far in the ocean called Raccolto. She was fascinated by what she had heard and decided to visit the islands. Lea went with what money she had, finding what she found amazing. The animals she so wanted to take care of again and the kind of people she had always wanted to meet. Lea didn't have enough money to stay and buy or even rent a property to start out her ranch. She went home working harder then she had before, wanting so desperately to go back to the islands in the sea and start her own life.

Job: Rancher

Ranch Name : A Distance Away

Dog Race:

Dog name:

Dog Gender:


* good enough cook
* fast, agile
* can stand cold temperatures , prefers it actually.
* good origination skills. (from loading ships.)
* making felt doll key chains. ( random i know.)
* Plays guitar (mainly hobby so not too good -w- )


:bulletblack: Takes over-the-top care of her shiny stone on her forehead. Only because its something that is shiny and can glow in the dark.
:bulletblack: Loves bows and things that can go in her hair.
:bulletblack: Likes Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.
:bulletblack: The meaning behind the ranches name is because she had waited too long to be able to live on her own and to find a place that makes her happy but it is still a ways away.
:bulletblack: Lea needs glasses to read but she doesn't like others to know.
:bulletblack: The only hot beverage she likes is Coffee' and hot chocolate. Preferably mixed together.
:bulletblack: Owes a favor to Gregory(owned by :iconrabidpan:)

Bad Habits:
:bulletred: - overly enthusiastic when it comes to sweets.
:bulletred: - Chews on locks of hair from time to time, and bites her nails.
:bulletred: - Gets caught out in rain storm more often then none. ends up losing her house keys and being locked out. </s>
:bulletred: - When shes nervous her voice grows in pitch to the point that she seems to be yelling.
:bulletred: - She is constantly rubing her forehead stone to make sure it is shining bright.


Larence (half brother) [Larvitare]
( Dislikes the city life and is thinking of following his sister to the island. Dislikes the idea but what else is there.)

Elliena (little sister) [Sneasel]
(Lives with her every so often mainly on holidays accompanied on the ship by one or all other family members. Mostly their father and brother.)

Mother [Weavile]
(Doesn't get out of the office much and may only hear from her/see her around holidays.)

Father [Feraligator]
( Loves going to see his daughter (s) bringing Lea random trinkets he finds, buys, or lots of pictures of Larence and Mother.)

:bulletblue: Bows and hair accessory's/shiny things.
:bulletblue: Rain clouds.
:bulletblue: The night/ darkness also anything that resembles the night sky
:bulletblue: Ice, and snow. Anything cold.
:bulletblue: Sweets; anything that has sugar really.
:bulletblue: Fluffy things (tails, hair, if it looks soft she wants to touch it)
:bulletblue: The number 8. Sideways its the symbol for infinity.

:bulletred: Heat/ summer sun
:bulletred: Fish ( the only cat that doesn't) she hates em'.
:bulletred: Someone that bullies others.
:bulletred: Making others sad (unless she meant to)
:bulletred: Large body's of water to were she couldn't see land (gets sea sick)

Ability: Keen Eye -- Opponent cannot lower this Pokémon’s accuracy.
This ability just helps her out to see things that others normally wouldn't. Or to catch things others wouldn't. Normally this ability kicks in when she is about to fall down, it doesn't always stop her from "hugging" the ground though.

Pokémon Moveset:
:bulletwhite: Ice Shard - Lea will freeze her finger tips to make daggers or a sword like figure. sometimes she uses it like any normal person would making small chunks of ice the throw at others.
:bulletwhite: Slash - This attack is exactly what it says it is, a slashing movement that will normally cut the targeting area.
:bulletwhite: Taunt - Lea will taunt someone or something to encourage it to attack or just to make the thing frustrated enough to falter.
:bulletwhite: Protect - Lea creates a clear bubble like barrier around herself and anyone that is near her. The barrier only can reach about 4 feet away from the source ( aka: Lea). The " Protect" covers all fields of attack excluding Water, ghost , and any ground based attack like magnitude.

Comment or Note me if you would like to rp with Lea. Preferably comment.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: EDIT ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
im done i guess..hopefully shes good enough for the group. i really hope so. -w- also im going to update her application picture because from when i drew it my style has changed.
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BananaTaco Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Holy buckets, I love her >////< I hope you get in, she is really good ~<3
kitzune-griffith Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
hehe thank you i hope so too.
CeruleanViceroy Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
aww~ shes cute >w<
kitzune-griffith Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
hehe thank you >w<
CeruleanViceroy Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
your welcome! :la:
ElfSama Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Back for another critique!
And boy, do I have to say the changes are wonderful!

Her personality makes sense now with little contradictions, and her history is much more rounded.
I like the change to the mother's job, and I like that Lea learned of the islands from the docks, since Raccolto will be getting shipments by sea often. So this was a nice detail.
I think her having the cousin as a good friend is great, and the ranch work there will help connect her to starting her own ranch on the islands!

In all, the changes are lovely so far and I have a much better sense of who Lea is and what she is like.
My only request might be changing her age to 20? Unless she graduated high school at 17. If she graduated at the age of 18, then she might need another year to save up enough money for her ranch and travel fees. However, if you add in the history that she graduated at age 17, then perhaps we can keep her age at 19.

As for a pet, I think Snubble would fit her well. Imagine putting adorable bows about those ears?

Anyway, good work!
I can't wait to see the finished app!
kitzune-griffith Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
hehe thank you, i decided to stick with my original choice of Houndour since she has always been a faithful companion and Cinnamon Bun ( ~rosecat96 's pets friend ) and for her graduation age i was 17 when i graduated and hadnt seen the problem -w- ill see if i can add that in so it makes since. i greatly appreciate everything that you have said and done to help me and i will be submitting her for group approval soon. after some more things
rabidpan Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
Hate to agree but right now hun your character is looking very mary sue ish. What's she bad at if she learns things the first time around? And her sister lives with her a week from the month? I don't understand? Her little sister goes on a boat alone to go back to their parents and comes every so oftent o live with Lea? Oh and she wasn't petting his hair I forgot why she hit him lol
kitzune-griffith Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
hehe yah i know now that in explanation she is too mary-sue. even though i know shes not. i just have a hard time getting things down on paper that make sense. -w- well in this case computer. im gonna change a lot of things and move others around to make it easier to understand / read.
rabidpan Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
Yeah. well if you need proof reading you can always ask c:
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