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November 8, 2013
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HPM:: Pocket Mayard by kitzune-griffith HPM:: Pocket Mayard by kitzune-griffith

I MADE IT IN!!!!! :iconharvest-pokemoon: I was so happy I cried a little..... Okay more then a little.

:: Edits?:: --- Updated her application picture, her age since her birthday was a few days ago~ Her attacks were updated and given descriptions... And all updates were approved >w< :::



 Prinelipy "Pocket" Mayard


  20 21




 almost pear shaped just on a small frame

 Feb. 21
Home Island:

 Amusement Archipelago


  Jolly - Impulsive - Lonely - A Bit Stubborn/ Mischievous 

Jolly- Pocket is a very happy child and loves to embrace each day with a new smile. She isn't easily discouraged nor is she easily upset and even if her mood turns to a sadder side she still wears a smile. She believes a whole lot that smiles are contagious and that a smile can brighten even the darkest of days.

Impulsive- Pocket always seems to act on her emotions and since she is almost always in a happy mood she is always running about and making no sense. Her actions when she is like this can very from running around making more trouble then good or just talking too much. Though her impulsiveness shows more while she is upset. From this she just cant stop moving at all..... and once she does slow down and stop for a breather watch out for the water works.

Lonely- She may have been raised in a loving and caring family but with her Brother and Sister so wholely in their studies she always felt lonely, this is how she found her love of animals. She is constantly looking for companionship in other human beings and though she meets a lot of new people she just want to make at least one that understand her like her pets do. She just really likes to know that there are other people around even if they dont speak to one another.

A Bit Stubborn/ Mischievous - From being the youngest of three she grew a knack for doing as she pleased and not taking no for an answer. Her parents see this as her being self reliant but in truth its just her being as stubborn as a mule. She hates being told not to do something and might cause some mischief once your not looking. She means most of her shenanigans as a harmless fun prank and doesn't truly mean anything bad by it. Its just her way of having fun since not all people think dogs are the greatest thing in the world. 



 Pocket grew up in a moderately privileged family were she had two elder siblings a sister and the eldest her brother. Her parents worked as realtors and were gone about 6 to 10 hours a day trying to sell land, houses, businesses, ect. While her parents were away their aunt would come to watch them and care for them for the time being. Her aunt soon gave her the nick name of "Pocket" because she was so very small that her aunt swears she could have carried her around in a pocket all day long. This name caught on to the point that when she started elementary school that her teachers even called her that. ( Possibly at her parents request.) Most of her time was spent out side playing in the mud or climbing trees with her sister while her brother watched from afar. Her favorite time to play outside was when it was dark with no clouds in the sky and her parents allowed this night time play but only to a certain extent.

During the time before she entered school she was lonely from her sister always being off at school the only people she was around was her aunt or her parents when they weren't trying to make a sale. She started finding comfort in her stuffed animals either trying to make them herself though with out the use of needle and thread she resorted to making her aunt show her how to knit and crochet. One day while she was playing out side with her toys she "tumbled" across a dog walker named Steve while he was well.. walking the neighborhood dogs. Pocket instantly fell in love or as much as a little 5 year old can but not for the boy but the dogs. She just loved that these wonderful animals were so loyal and whole heartedly lovely. Meeting with Steve and the dogs became a normal morning routine for Pocket even if it was only just to see the fluffy animals she wanted so much.

At 5 and over a quarter years old Pocket finally started school and her class mates and teachers found her a joy to have in class. Her loneliness faded to a point with all the new people and friends around her and she constantly smiled. She was overly grateful for the moments in the mornings before she got on the bus that she could see Steve walking the dogs. Every morning she would see those four legged animals lifted her spirit even more then what they already had been, as well as the fact that she now was going to school with her brother and sister.

Come her middle school years she made an actual group of good friends and not just playing with everyone without an undetermined group of people.. She still waited everyday before school to see, talk and pet the dogs that were being walked by Steve and everyday they would come. Steve at this point was 20 and was heading off to college, while this disappointed Pocket to the core a plan was starting to turn in her head. She decided that after he was gone that she would take over as dog walker and with help from Steve to get the dogs owners to agree to letting a 12 to 13 year old walk their dogs she took over the dog walking. Her parents were very supportive of this part time job hoping it would help mature her more in the years to come and to give her some responsibility. There work had heated up as they were now selling land off shore and over the ocean as well as their normal area of sale.

Entering high school Pocket was now fully developed and as tall as she was going to get during this time she tried out for a lot of extra curricular activity/sports and decided that a busy life was a happy life. From her good grades to her volunteer work and even to her dog walking job she was a target for gossip. Most of it consisted of her being a loner that couldn't make human friends, her friend put a stop to this gossip as soon as it would leave someone's mouth and before it hit Pockets ears. She helped with extinguishing the gossip by her helping with assemblies, pep rallies as well as making honors twice a year at the least during each of her high school years. She really did have a busy life during her high school years but she did keep her self just detached enough from everyone that when she never went to parties or school dances it wasn't unusual. All she needed were the friends that she had made and the stories they could tell about there adventures into the unknown even if it made her a bit jealous that she didn't get to go. Her sister on the other hand went to every party and every dance mainly because she wanted to be a fashion icon one day.  Even if she missed out on a few high school memorable moments she was content on keeping her grade above average, her dog walking job and anything that she may have unexpectedly volunteered for. She had much better things to do then act like someone she wasn't and acting out and not getting things done just wasn't her forte she wanted to do something exciting with herself. Same as Steve had done by going to college for veterinary, they still kept in touch though and eventfully when Pocket turned 18 they started a long distance relationship. Her first and thus far only boyfriend she has had giving her little to no experience in anything in the relationship department, even if she has read about it in books. The two eventfully broke up over the fact that the distance between was too much as well as they were better friends.

Pockets parents tried pushing her to go to college like her brother and sister were, one was studying to be a lawyer and the other was going for fashion and design. She wasn't too sure what she wanted to do but she knew it had to be something to do with animals. She looked into everything she could and found something much better then anything she could have imagined. A small group of islands that was centered around agriculture, ranching, farming and small home grown businesses, Raccolto. She didn't know what her parents would think once she told them that she wanted to move to Raccolto to become a rancher rather then go to college but she knew that she had to try and she was in luck. There was a small patch of land on Amusement Archipelago that they were trying to sell, even though there was only a shack of a house and an old beaten up barn on the land. She talked it over with her parents and she gave them the money she had saved from her dog walking though it wasn't much and the last. Her parents "sold" her the land with a little parental loan to their youngest daughter only as long as she could pay them back and she went on her way even though it amazed her that they actually sold her the land.

When she got to her new home she found Sparta living under her shack, she gave him food and water as well as a bunch of stuffed animals to keep himself warm. He eventually moved his way into her new home with every single stuffed animal she had given him for warmth as his bed. She made her plans and started studying anything and everything she could on the different types of ranch animals she would be eligible to raise. She was on her way to making her own wonderful future in a new and magical place surrounded by the things she loved and her parents hopes for her future. She was going to make her experience a good one, not just for herself but for everyone around her that had ever believed in her.




Ranch Name:  

 Pockets Wonderland of Fluff.
-------- She has made two sections in the barn and a makeshift pen outside of it making what she says is like a petting zoo. She does this so that she can educate the ignorant and make friends with other animal lovers. -------------

  Cat Race: 


Cat’s name:   


Cat Gender:   


Cat personality: 

Sparta is as stubborn as his new owner if not more, extremely intelligent and cunning he finds ways out of situation with a calm demeanor. He hates it when others are right and thinks of himself higher then anything. If he accepts you as an actual living thing this means one of two things he actually likes the person and their company or he hates you and is out for vengeance. Partly immature but he hates when he is caught being the kitten he is.

   To Pockets Eyes: 

" This little ball of fur is a confusing one. One moment he was completely ignoring my existence and the next i wake up in the morning with him sleeping on my chest with all the stuffed animals I had given him scattered around in all the most curious places. Since he has been staying inside more often iv decided to name him Sparta rather then " That random trolling Espurr that is stalking me". It fits him quite well in all reality from his cool demeanor to his over protectiveness of either the yard or myself. I'm quite excited for him to be around the yard he keeps me company, I hope he will stay around even after i buy a new friend or two for us. I wonder what his attachment to this house and barn might be? * shrug * Well i estimate that I may never know unless he learns to speak. Maybe one day he will that would make me the happiest Mayard in history.  "


 - She knows how to sew and with her talent she makes stuffed animals of and for her pets and family. She can also knit.
- Hiding in her hair, her hair is so long and fluffy that she only need to untie it to hide away.
- Soundless steps, she has taken a lot of time to learn to do this though she was just jealous of her brother and mother being able to do it. Though she does not wish to learn to levitate like they do she would rather have her feet firmly attached to the ground.
- Comforting and confronting animals she just has a knack for dealing with animals of any shape and size though she is mostly known for dealing with dogs.

-Being creepy, she inherited this from her mother but the faces she makes are 100% her dads.

Singing ( Thought she tends to hide this)

- Pocket and Steve are only about 8 years apart in age so when they started dating when she was 18 he was 25.

- Her harmless pranks have given some a first impression of her being creepy. Her favorite targets are the people she gets along best with.
- She likes her nick name much more then her real name and she will try hiding her real name as long as she can.
-  She hasnt cut her hair in 4 years except for the occasional random piece of gum in her hair from her hair sometimes dragging on the ground at school. I dont know about all yalls school years but getting gum stick to the bottom of my shoes was a weekly thing.

 - Her mother and brother are both allergic to pet dander so Pockets owning an animal in her original home was a no go.

- Her favorite color is purple though she never wears it because a long, long time ago her sister said she looked terrible in it and being a little girl and having her big sister say it, it has just stuck.

- Pockets mother is a Genger while her father is a Ferrofear. This is were she got her typing, Grass from her father and Ghost from her mother so she never died to become a ghost type, it was inherited.

 - Pocket is extremely reluctant to leave the ground, this meaning that she doesnt like traveling through the air or on top of water. Her stubbornness is the only thing that can surpass her fear unwillingness.

- Pocket loves books, she may never read most of them unless she wants to learn what i inside but she still loves them.



-Shadow Ball -- Much like her Will-O-Wisp she produces wisp like orbs from her hands, dark energy. She figuratively creates "dark mater" in the palm of her hands. Though its not really dark mater but dark intentions that are created to form a dark orb that she uses as her only offensive attack.            
- Confuse Ray - She has forgotten that she even has this attack. Rarely used.. If used she doesnt know she is and she not only confuses the opponent but herself.                
- Leech Seed - The vines that are created when this attack  is used are much like the vines of a rose bush. These shape throned vines catch her "prey" and sucks energy... Though she can get the energy from the earth with this attack she will only use this offensively to catch her enemy and keep them from running away.          
-Will-O-Wisp - She learned this attack by practicing it over and over while mimicking her brother ( Learned second hand from her brother.) She was eventully able to change the way she used her Shadow Ball to make almost harmless blue flames, these flames do uselly need friction to be created. Like the snapping of fingers or even the frichion that a sneez causes.



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